Purpose and Scholarship Application Instructions

The Bishop Larry D. Manning Dare to be Different Leadership Scholarship provides financial assistance to a high school senior who has exhibited exemplary leadership, vision, and service for others to follow and change lives in the Lowndes County community.  Bishop Manning believed in crossing denominational, racial, social, and economic lines.

How does your leadership, vision and community service improve and leave your mark on your global and local community? How does your volunteering and service events advocate for causes that affect your community?

Application Instructions:

1. Complete the attached application entirely.

2. Submit a 500-word essay, double spaced using 12-point font (Ariel or Times New Roman) to answer the question: How have you lived the vision of Bishop Larry D. Manning by addressing the needs and issues within your community?

3. Provide an official copy of your college, vocational or high school transcript as of the end of the fall 2019 semester.

Provide three Letters of Recommendation from adults affiliated with your school and/or community (relatives excluded).

Please download application and submit with your application instructions:


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